Our program is unique because of our experienced staff, educational philosophy, excellent facilities, small classes, enthusiastic parent participation and the many options that are available. You may choose between co-op and non co-op participation. You may have your child participate in an Extended Day ('Lunch Bunch') program. There is also a Sunrise program beginning at 8am.


Our emphasis is on experimental learning. Though adults look at children's activities as play, the play of children is their work. Your child is always learning as he or she works with material provided by the school. As your child draws, paints, or works with clay, he or she is developing the use of arm and hand muscles, eye-hand coordination, creativity, and self- expression. When playing with building blocks, your child considers size and numbers, which will later carry over to mathematics. Science concepts are developed when your child plays with water, sand, and wood. Songs, rhythms, games, dramatic play, and cooking also add to your child's creative development. Taking field trips to farms and parks, and collecting and , sharing of leaves, pinecones, rocks, shells, seeds, and bird nests achieve learning about science and nature. Many field trips each year help your child learn about the community and its workers. Most importantly, we try to stimulate and nurture the growth of the whole child according to individual needs.

Tree Farm

Parent Responsibility

As a co-op member, each parent is expected to contribute time, talent, and resources to the functioning of the school. Each of you has something special to give to your child's early education. Parents of all classes MUST attend organizational meetings in May and September. They are encouraged to serve as Board members and classroom leaders. Non co-op parents will assist with field trips and must fulfill workdays to maintain rooms and equipment. Co-op parents will take their rotation as teacher aides in the classroom. A training session for parent aides is held in September before school starts. Parents will also assist with field trips and fulfill workdays. Co-op parents will be required to complete and pay for two (2) background checks at the total cost of $20 by August 1st prior to the beginning of the school year.

Curriculum and Philosophy

It is our purpose to provide the experiences and atmosphere desirable for the healthy, normal growth of the young child. Our goal is to meet the needs of each child: mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. At this age, a child needs to develop meaningful and effective patterns of work and play with other children and to gain confidence in his/her own ability to cope with an expanding world. Our desire is to help each child discover these patterns of behavior in a creative and accepting atmosphere. Through the parents' participation, the child's first school experience becomes a family affair. The parents acquire a greater understanding of their child in comparison with others the same age.


Our staff consists of certified Nursery School teachers. They are encouraged to participate in professional conferences so that we have available the most current thoughts in the field of early childhood education. The teachers bring special skills, training, and dedication to a job, which, to them, is the most satisfying and exciting one in the world ... sharing the growth of your children with you.


Our school year is divided into two semesters: September through January, and February through May. 4 day Pre-K classes for 4 year olds meet Monday through Thursday. 3 day classes for 3 year olds meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 2 day classes for 2 year olds meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Class hours are 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. All holidays and emergency closings of the Upper Merion Area School District are observed with the exception of in-service days. Additional closings for emergencies or bad weather are at the discretion of the Nursery School Director.


Our Nursery School is a non-profit organization sponsored by the Valley Forge Presbyterian Church. It is administered by an Executive Board of volunteer parents and advisors under the guidance of the Church session. Our Nursery School has a racially nondiscriminatory policy.