Miss Sue from UM Library

Miss Sue from the Upper Merion
Township Library came to visit!

K of P Fire Company

We had a visit from the
King of Prussia Fire Company!

Circle TimePlayground

Children Are ...

Children are NOT little adults. They are: Running, Talking, Climbing, Laughing, Spilling, Interrupting , Noisy, Wiggling, Crying, Angry, Loving, GROWING. They need to touch and hear and TRY lots of new things. They need to explore and accept their feelings, good and bad. They need to SEARCH and DISCOVER! They need to learn to communicate. They need to test their powers and capacities. THE BUSINESS OF CHILDHOOD IS PLAY!! Valley Forge Presbyterian Cooperative Nursery School offers an environment for your child to GROW, SEARCH, DISCOVER and PLAY, with YOU as part of it!

Preschool Celebrates 57 years of Service

Painting This fall Valley Forge Presbyterian Nursery School, located at Prince Frederick and Town Center Roads, King of Prussia, will be celebrating its 56th year of service. Valley Forge Presbyterian Church identified the need to open a preschool in the community in 1960 and the school opened its doors to their first classes of three and four-year-olds in 1961. For twenty years the school operated as a cooperative preschool, meaning the parents take turns being the aide in the classroom and the parents operate the school's executive board. In 1981, the school began its non-cooperative program to complement the cooperative program. For parents who are unable to aide in the classroom, a paid aide is available to take their place.

Valley Forge Presbyterian Nursery School welcomes visits during the school year. Parents are encouraged to visit the school with their child any weekday Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Please contact Lynne Klepacki (Director) with any questions at 610-265-8434.